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Pastor Causey

Pastor's Word

We believe it is important to have a new members class at our church. These classes are designed to give you a greater understanding of Christian principles and spiritual guidelines. The new member lessons are being outlined progressively in order to help with your knowledge of our church, as well as overall knowledge of who God is and who we are in Him according to His Holy Word.

Why People Come

Cheryl Blair-Hudson

We are a Word church . No compromise. Children’s church is amazing, which allows parents to enjoy service. The choirs are Awesome. The presence of the Lord is in the house. This is a loving church. Please stop by and get your praise on.

Gloria Davis

Great Ministry, great members, and awsome Pastor and First Lady

Judie Routhier

they teach straight out of the word and they treat you like family the best decision i made since I moved out here almost 3 years ago love my church

Gwen Walker-Donaldson

It’s a excellent place to hear the word of God. Everyone is so loving. I just love my Church.

DrGayle Cooley

Great place for worship!!!

Claude Griffin

the word of flows every time the doors open. it’s a place to serve God with your family and grow together!

Ramona Franchino

I love the River. Gods WORD is taught and the love is there.

Agnes Porche Jackson

Very loving church family!!!!

Julia M Leland

When I fist step into the church doors I was greeted with so much love and oh my so many hugs.. I went once and have been there every since. I’ve. learn so much about the Bible, it’s a great spiritual learning experience. Its good to know the Lord.

Katrina Tucker

Since the first day I came here to this church I felt welcome and the love 💕 I wouldn’t change it for the world

Denise Edwards

Been here over 20 years and wouldn’t change a thing….

Adam Farnsworth

Awesome house of worship, wonderfully inspired preaching, friendly inviting fellowship – I would highly recommend!

Laura Hicks-White

The environment is very LOVING & a lot of young people that makes my Son interested.

Tiffany Washington

I love this ministry and would say go visit a see what God has for you.

Jamilah Leona Bigham

I love this church it’s the first church I’ve joined and I’m so glad I did.

Paris Price

my home I miss y’all and love y’all😍

Yvonne Bryson

This ministry is truly led by the spirit of God!!!

Julia Leland

Wanta here the Word? Well you got to come and Worship with us. I fell in love with The River and now I’m a member and happy one at that. Come join us.

Deidre Phifer

It’s a very strong Word (Truth) church…if you wanna learn about God come join us here

Dorothy Campbell

I really miss going to this church

Edward's Testimony

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